Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sugar3 Parade Launch

I was so excited when Sugar3 ladies invited us to do a Parade and we decided on Christmas Parade, perfect for the holidays!! The cute Merry Fairy created by our very own, Traci is the cutest little thing, isn't it? Here's Ali being such a trooper, it was her birthday that day and she had a little sniffle but she knows mommy needs some pictures and bless her little heart she posed for me :)

Grandma bakes her a cake for her 5th b-day and she helped too. She was so excited to blow the 5 candles, smiles ear to ear and daddy bought her a Wii player...I wonder if that's more for him or Ali...hmmm...

We're off next to a little nice vacation next week to Vancouver and Seattle for a wedding. I'll post some pictures later!

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